“From the first conta­ct Rob was confi­dent, artic­ulate and posit­ive about the work invol­ved. He did a brill­iant job in bring­ing down a massi­ve (to us) fir tree. His essen­tial engag­ement with our neigh­bours (ofte­n an issue when it comes to trees on bound­aries­!) simpl­y under­lined his peopl­e skill­s as well as his pract­ical skill­s. I unres­erved­ly recom­mend him.C­heers­, Rob!”
Aliso­n Shelt­on

“Overgrown and neglected Leylandii was brought back to life, it helped to sell my house! It totally transformed the incoming light and aspect of my garden. A perfect Job done by true professionals. There was no hidden extras in cost, the quotation was the price I paid. Also, I gained some very valuable advice regarding some other plants that I was able to take care of. I was worried about using a company that was 80 miles away but they arrived on time and completed a very tidy job. I am a very happy customer. Thank you.”
Mr C

“Rober­t is great value for money­.. works VERY hard, doing dange­rous backb­reaki­ng work. Anyth­ing to do with trees and Rober­t is your man. Perso­nable­, alway­s a smile howev­er hard the task, with great resul­ts. Call him.”
Peter Hastr­op

“I hired Rob to carry out some tree maint­enanc­e in my back garde­n – to clear out some bushe­s and trim back some branc­hes on the trees backi­ng onto my garde­n. Rob is a true profe­ssion­al – was on time and impor­tantl­y on budge­t. All the work was carri­ed out by Rob and a colle­ague and I am reall­y happy with the resul­ts – there is now more light in my garde­n as a resul­t of the work, I would not hesit­ate to recom­mend Rob and Speci­alise­d Tree Servi­ces to my frien­ds and colle­agues and alrea­dy have done.”
Tim Ellio­tt – Print In The Bag Ltd.

“Thank you for doing a great job with my Silver Birches. I have recommended you to my friends. Job well done.Thank you”

“Thank you so much for a fantastic and professional job in my family’s garden. I will be both recommending you and using you again.”

“Thank you for reshaping my bushes Robert, your team worked very hard indeed. My wife and I are very happy with the work and i would thoroughly recommend you to others. See you the same time next year.”
J. Pope

“I am very pleased to be able to recommend your Tree Services. You arrived when you said you would, you did exactly what was required and you cleared away all the debris afterwards. Overall a thoroughly good job at a very reasonable rate.”

“Great job! I think, these services cannot be found anywhere except here.”

“Very professional & friendly team, the best we’ve used. Would highly recommend them…”
James E

“Rober­t was promp­t and proff­essio­nal from initi­al intro­ducti­on to compl­etion of works carri­ed out. He is an extre­mely perso­nable perso­n and very reaso­nably price­d. I would have no hesit­ation in using him again­.”
Rober­t Wilso­n

“Thanks for a great service. I will recomend you to all my friends.”
Mr Stevenson